Pound cake recipe
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Complete Time


  • one mug butter, softened
  • 3 glasses sweets
  • 6 sizeable chicken eggs, room heat
  • 3 cups all-goal flour
  • one/four teaspoon getting ready soda pop
  • one/four tsp sea salt
  • one glass negative skin cream
  • two teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Confectioners’ sugar, optionally offered


  • In the dish, cream butter and sugars until light-fat and soft, 5-seven a couple of minutes. Place ovum, one at a time, defeating nicely following every and every single supplement. Blend flour, baking soft drink and sea salt enhance creamed mix alternately with sour skin cream and vanilla taste. Overcome on diminished just appropriate up right up until blended. Fill in a greased and floured ten-in. fluted pipe pan.
  • Prepare at 325° for one-1/four to one-1/two hours or proper up until finally a toothpick originates out clean. Fantastic in pan quarter-hour prior to getting rid of to a wire rack to great absolutely. Dust with confectioners’ sugar if preferred.
Diet program Facts

My hubby liked it!

Do I preheat my your oven or must i commence with a great stove?

Fantastic food. The recipe is best.

This genuinely is a family and visitor beloved

I have not made this nonetheless. but intend to this week. I needed an excellent recipe that was for any bitter lotion pound dessert i lost. That formula knowledgeable fresh lemon juice within it but can’t preserve in thoughts in situation the original menu integrated the lemon or had been a tip/imagined place into the recipe. Anyways. this dish, from issues i can bear in thoughts from the outdated recipe. this would seem a comparable or quite comparable. I intend on which makes this with the change of incorporating freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest and with out the vanilla. I haven’t produced this formula yet, but giving 4 superstars due to the fact it would seem to be specifically like my dropped recipe plus it was Great!

Can this meals be made Gluten Entirely totally free?

This dessert is certainly very great and easy to make. The flavour is typically to die for. Several thanks.

This dessert is quite very very good and easy to create. The flavour is often to perish for. Thanks a lot.

I cooked this dessert these days right after needing to use up sour skin cream and a wonderful deal of clean ovum! Typically i fashion the mixture prior to preparing and added 1 far more one/4 tsp of salt. It is the biggest dessert at any time. I like dishes which have been close to forever and have organised up throughout the checks of vitality!! Cheers a lot .

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