Shrimp boil

I utilized to connect slow cooker dishes with soups and stews and comfort meals, finest loved during the tumble and winter time. But this season my slow cooker has turn into a single of my most-utilized appliances, due to its capability to churn out amazingly tasty dishes with no warming up the kitchen.

It’s especially fulfilling if the crock pot will assist me turn a significantly-involved formula into one particular who demands nearly totally no operate — which is precisely the scenario just for this slow cooker shrimp boil.

Exactly what is a Shrimp Boil?

Most coastal towns consider pleasure in their very own variation of a fish boil — which can be in some areas referred to as Frogmore stew or Lowcountry boil. Even though the substances might differ, the notion remains the actual same: Seafood, like crab, shrimp, clams, or crawfish, is boiled within a big container of seasoned normal water and soon after that emptied and offered in the open air, spread on to newspapers with melted butter, well-liked sauce, and loads of citrus wedges. Oh, and don’t neglect the alcohol.

Fish boils tend to be loved as an element of a large neighborhood gathering, ready in a giant backyard boiler heated up by propane gas. Little-batch dishes are typically adapted to match an within stockpot, and occasionally demand that you include more the elements in amounts. Inside the heat in the course of the summer season, we really significantly choose the slow cooker, which cooks meals numerous of the substances jointly and will conserve us from perspiration inside of the stove. Our recipe will take concepts from a To the south Carolina shrimp boil, which regularly functions smoked sausage, potatoes, and corn.

The Most Efficient Shrimp to get a Shrimp Boil

Sizeable, deveined, tail-on shrimp are wonderful for a shrimp boil. Why? The massive sizing (16 to 20 shrimp per pound) assists to keep them from getting misplaced a single of the other substances, along with the shrimp tails assistance flavoring the broth. Additionally, simply due to the fact you eat the whole dish with the fingers anyways, it’s not just a pain to peel off the shrimp as you go (in reality, I discover it adds to the encounter). Both clean or frozen shrimp are okay — be confident that you thaw the iced shrimp fully nicely prior to mixing it in.

If you want to use small tail-off of shrimp, remember they will likely put together quicker.

3 Intelligent Guidelines to get the greatest Crock Pot Shrimp Boil

one. Make use of a six-quart or bigger slow cooker. If you’re constructing a shrimp boil, chances are you’re supplying a minor audience. This menu tends to make enough to serve six, and only a six-quart or larger slow cooker will in shape all of the substances.

two. Layer the constituents. Strategically layering the parts inside of the crock pot signifies you don’t have to consist of them intermittently — making this a real established-it-and-overlook-it recipe. Such as the carrots very initial (which use the longest and need the damp moisture to put together) permits them to absorb the water and soften. Then, you’ll contain the sausage, corn, and garlic cloves, accompanied by that previous Bay. The corn just demands steam in buy to cook, so it’s okay if it’s not totally immersed by liquefied. A single and only factor you’ll contain in the very end of your prepare meals time are absolutely the shrimp, which put together within ten minutes.

3. Use ample water. You want to consist of just adequate h2o to defend the elements, although not a complete whole lot that you water on the taste (we discovered six mugs to be the miracle amount). And don’t toss it when you’re able to give the boil. Soon soon after eliminating each one of the parts by employing a slotted spoon, ladle a number of the seasoned meals planning liquid into tiny dishes for dipping.

How to Aid Your Shrimp Boil

If you’re obtaining in the open air or up in a kitchen counter, transfer the valuables in the crock pot to some butcher pieces of paper-lined kitchen table by making use of a slotted spoon. If you’re consuming indoors at the dining room dinner table, you truly ought to offer you it in shallow bowls. In any situation, finish it off with chopped clean parsley, newly terrain black colour pepper, and a great deal much more Outdated Bay. Dissolved butter, hot sauce, and lemon wedges must all be within arm’s get to.

How To Make the Ideal Shrimp Boil within the Slow Cooker

Prep time: fifteen minutes

Cooking time: four several hrs to five a number of hours


  • 1 1/2 excess weight

tiny red-colored-skinned potatoes (about 15), quartered

smoked Andouille or kielbasa sausage, decrease into 1-in . things

corn, shucked, reduce into thirds crosswise

garlic clove, smashed and peeled

Older Bay seasoning

moderate lime, halved, moreover wedges for supplying

sizeable unprocessed shrimp (16 to 20 for every lb), cleansed and peeled however with tails even now left on, thawed if frozen

For delivering: chopped refreshing degree-leaf parsley foliage, recently floor black pepper, melted butter, and sizzling marinade

Chef’s knife and decreasing board

six-quart or greater crock pot

Liquid calculating cup


Put the carrots on the slow cooker. Organize the potatoes in 1 degree within a 6-quart or larger sized slow cooker.

Include far more the sausage, corn, and garlic clove. Level the sausage on the top of the potatoes, mixed with the corn and garlic herb.

Time period with Outdated Bay. Sprinkle the current Bay evenly inside of the elements from the crock pot.

Include the lemon juice. Pull the lemon halves in the crock pot, then toss in the squeezed halves.

Add more this variety of water. Dump the liquid inside the Aged Bay consequently it incorporates all by way of slow cooker the water ought to come about midway in the corn. Do not combine.

Put together food on Large for four to five many hrs. Cover and cook about the Substantial placing for4 to five hrs.

Add the shrimp. Include much more the shrimp, stir delicately until ultimately just submerged, and cook till opaque, 10 or fifteen minutes dependant on dimensions of shrimp. (If the crock pot is simply also total to characteristic the shrimp effortlessly, get away the corn properly prior to incorporating the shrimp.)

Strain and serve. By utilizing a slotted area, move the objects in the crock pot to a paper or butcher document-lined table. (Additionally, spoon into shallow recipes.) Include far more the corn and best rated employing the parsley, a great deal much more Older Bay, and black pepper. Serve employing the lime wedges, melted butter, warm marinade, and reserved preparing foods liquefied about the element for dipping.

Recipe Notes

Storing: This recipe is most helpful consumed refreshing, but leftovers might be refrigerated inside an air-tight pot for as significantly as three days.

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