One of the highlights of our trips to Oregon is picking blackberries and making cobbler.  We look forward to it every year.  When we were there in June it was too early for the berries.  Not to worry, we knew we were going back in September.  We were certain to get some then.  Well, the plan was great.  The berries just didn’t cooperate. So, on to plan B.

The Kitchen Gnome mentioned that he had always wanted to stop at the blueberry farm and if it wasn’t too late in the season, we could pick blueberries.  Off we went to the nameless blueberry farm.  The sign out front just said blueberries and the time it was open.  I cannot find the name anywhere.  The packaging didn’t help either.  The Blueberry Farm is on Clear Lake Road off of Hwy 101, Florence, Oregon.


Their berries are the most flavorful and plump blueberries that I have ever eaten. 

The bushes were covered with berries.  You were asked to pick your bush clean before moving on to the next bush.

Each bush had tons of berries!  It was a bumper year for blueberries.


I had to make myself stop eating the berries along the way….yummy but too many is not a good thing.
We brought a large container of berries home with us.  I could see Blueberry Cobbler in our future.

The recipe that I use for cobbler when we are at the lake is quick and easy.  The dough is mixed and goes in the bottom of the dish.  The fruit mixture is poured over the top.  The “cake” raises to the top while baking.  It is delicious.  Since I had never made a cobbler with just blueberries before I thought that it would be a good idea to lightly mash one third of the berries then add the sugar and water. I allowed the fruit mixture to sit while preparing the dough.  You will find the recipe here as I made this cobbler last year with a blackberry and blueberry mixture.

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