DSC05101csmall1I have seen a few posts about this on various blogs I could not resist having a go myself. It was good education for my grand daughter was it not? Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Double cream is required, that is cream with a high fat content, and it is not cheap. If you have a dairy cow to hand it would be. It’s fun to do and it’s not wasted. I took it a stage further. I was not content with hard butter and added some olive oil to make it spreadable. It worked and spreads straight from the fridge. I have no desire to take up butter making full time as it is just a tad expensive but I think I will be buying the cheap supermarket block butter from now on and whipping in some oil.
I used 500mls/1 pint of cream and it yielded just under 250gms/half a pound of butter.

Put the cream in a stand mixer and whip


It will eventually turn yellow

and then separate into butter and butter milk


Strain off the buttermilk. You can use it for baking or just drink it. It is so lovely.


You have to wash the butter to make sure all the buttermilk is out as it would turn the butter rancid. Just knead until the water is clear.
Return it to the mixer bowl and whip in salt if wanted and two tablespoons of oil to make it fridge spreadable. Then just pop it in a container


That’s it.



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