Zila Coffee House

Zila Coffee House – Krisztina Confectioner’s and Restaurant is located in 18th district of Budapest. It is open since 2003 and after a short period of two years, they won the first prize on the Competition of Coffee Houses of Budapest, but Krisztina Confectioner’s was already opened in 1984 by László Zila master confectioner. In that time, it was next to an open-door pool. Since 2002 the Confectioner’s is part of Zila Coffee House and Restaurant, functioning in the renovated historic building of the former pool’s main building.

Among their cakes you can find the traditional ones can be found as well as the special cakes. Desserts, pies, strundels, sweet and salty bicuits are other examples.

IMG 1320

Marzipan Tart


Creamy Russian-cream Tart,French Cream Cake,’Charlotte’ Tart

IMG 1331

‘Charlotte’ Tart, Floating Island Cake

IMG 1328

Creamy Russian-cream Tart

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