I admit it.  I like hot dogs.  Sometimes I flat-out crave them.  And chimichangas…well…they pretty much rock my world. So, when I saw the Chimichanga Dogs. I just knew I’d give in and make some sooner or later.  It’s nice knowing yourself so well.  So, now that mama gets a few beautiful, peaceful, glorious hours to herself during the week hooray for the school year!, mama gets to do what she wants.  When she wants to.  And she even starts referring to herself as mama!?  In the third person, even.  Ooooookaaaaaaaaaay.  Mama like.  

Chimichanga Dogs

hot dog

chile powder

flour tortilla

egg, beaten


Monterey Jack cheese

to serve:


sour cream 

Rub hot dog with chile powder and wrap in a flour tortilla.  

Dip in beaten egg, then dredge in flour and deep fry in 350° F vegetable oil until golden. 

Sprinkle with Monterey Jack and bake at 375° F until cheese melts.  

Top w/ salsa, sour cream, and jalapeños.


Let me just insert here that it’s a good thing I only made ONE. SINGLE. CHIMIDOG.

Because in the midst all my elation and lightness and high hopes and cooking what I wanted, when I wanted it…I came across a food that was pretty UNimpressive. Not really much flavor going on. Ah well…win some, lose some.  Afterall, I have the whole school year to be impressed.


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