Hungarian cottage-cheese(curd-cheese) is a bit different from the ones you can buy in the US, but I think any type will do. If you happen to find ricotta that’s also fine. In Hungary, look for “túró”

So, mix approx a pound of cottage cheese, 2-3 whole eggs, sugar to taste, vanilla-sugar or vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of flour and approx a cup of semolina ( or farina, Cream of Wheat, grits….you know what I’m talking about). Add as much of the latter as needed to make the mixture hold together. If the cottage cheese is of the drier type, you might want to add a little sour cream, too.

Heat water in a big pot, add a little salt, and when it’s boiling, form small balls of the cottage-cheese mixture with wet hands and put them in the water. Don’t cook too many at once.
Cook them for about 5 minutes, but at least until they start floating in the water. If you want to make sure they’re done, take one and cut in half. If the inside is solid and has holes in it, then it’s just fine!

Heat breadcrumbs with a tablespoon of butter in a large pan until golden and roll the dumplings in. Serve hot, with sour cream and castor sugar/granulated sugar.

yeah, a bit old picture 🙂

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