Disclaimer 1: I did not make this easy Halloween cake.
Disclaimer 2: This Halloween cake did not initially look easy to me. However, the baker (Lisa from one of my favorite blogs, My Own Sweet Thyme) said it was not very complicated, and after reading her great step-by-step cake making instructions, I felt like anyone could do it. Regardless of how complicated it is, I’m certainly impressed!

Why am I posting this Halloween cake I didn’t make on a cupcake site?

When I made my Halloween cupcakes with edible googly eyes, I promised that anyone who sent me a cupcake they made with edible googly eyes would get featured on Cupcake Project on Halloween.

Lisa was up for the challenge with her Halloween vampire bat cake. The face in the middle is a giant cupcake! She made her googly eyes with cacao nibs for the loose bit and a little piece of an Ooz’n Eyeballz Cherry Candy Ooze bloodshot marshmallow eyeball for the backing.

I love the way it came out!

Happy Halloween to all of you!! I hope that wherever you are, you are not just eating candy, but are chowing down on some spooktacular cupcakes!

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