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It’s been a while since I have done a “Crafty Kitchen” post here at Mommy’s Kitchen. Last weekend we finally had a chance to get outside and get our garden started. We usually have our seeds planted around the end of February, but we got a freak snow storm last month.

So I thought it would be best to wait it out in case we got another cold snap. It finally looks like the cold is behind us so hopefully Spring is right around the corner.

I would love to spend more time outside instead of being cooped up in the house. The kids helped us get all the dirt and compost spread out. Then while DH and I planted everything in the garden, I kept the kids busy with a little project.

Keeping the kiddos busy gave us more time in the garden and also let them help and be apart of the whole gardening process. Their project was to make Homemade Garden Markers.
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Last year I saw the cutest garden markers at 3girls,me,andarecipe. I thought they would be the perfect project for the kids. We headed to Lowe’s and purchased all the materials. It really didn’t cost to much to make the markers.

We already had several bottles of acrylic paint and a can of clear coat. So all we needed was wood pieces, stakes and twine. We purchased a bundle pack of garden stakes for $4.98 and cut them down to about a little over a foot. The thin wood markers were only a couple dollars. The sponge brushes were .54 the paint pen was around $3 and some twine for $1.40.

I would say the whole project cost a little over $12. Not bad for homemade markers. And the kids had a blast painting them all by themselves. Once the paint was dry I labeled each marker and the kids spelled out the vegetables.

DH nailed the wood markers to the stakes and I added the clear coat. As soon as they were dry I let the kids place all the markers in the garden where we planted everything. I think they turned out so cute and the twine was a nice touch. If you would like to see what we planted you can click here to visit my garden post.

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Supplies needed: Acrylic paints, wood glue or nails, sponge brushes, wooden dowels or garden stakes, paint pen or sharpie, small flat wood pieces, clear coat spray and old t-shirts so they don’t get paint on their clothes.

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Cover your work table with newspaper and let the kids get started painting all the markers. I let them paint the markers whatever color they wanted. They had such a good time painting. If I want to keep my kids busy just give them paint.

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Mackenzie chose red for the strawberries. Nice touch Kenzie.
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Once all the markers are painted let them dry completely. Using a paint pen or a sharpie label your garden markers. Now its time to attach the marker to a stake. We used wooden stakes that my husband cut down for us.

I also chose to use small nails to attach our markers to the wooden stakes. We thought the nails would hold better than the glue since Texas can get pretty toasty in the summer. After nailing or gluing the markers to the stakes.

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Finish off your markers by spraying a layer of clear coat spray on all sides to seal the paint. Let dry completely.

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And then let the kids place all the garden markers in their new spot. You can paint them one color or use a variety of colors like we did. I think all of the markers turned out so pretty.

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Here is our new strawberry patch addition. Hopefully they will start to grow like crazy. We might not get to much this year but they will multiply and we will get a lot more as they grow.

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We added all our garden markers to the vegetable garden and then rabbit fencing went up. Or as we call it Freeway Fencing.

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This is Mr. Guilty as charged. I know what you’re thinking how could something that looks that sweet cause so much damage. Well he can!!!! Hopefully he wont get a hold our new strawberry patch this year. (fingers crossed)

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