Grits Fries

This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" recipes. Grits Fries – what a great idea!!  I saw this over at The Duo Dishes and had to give them a try.  Grits are a relatively new food for me.  I never had any interest in the runny, bland looking mush in a bowl that I saw at the Cracker Barrel or Waffle House.  I broke down and tried jalapeno cheese grits at a dinner one night and I was shocked at how good they were!  I never knew that grits could be a wonderful and savory side dish.  I have been making cheese grits at home ever since.  (I still don't eat the runny, bland mush at breakfast joints – blah!)

Back to the fries – I made a half recipe of the grits and it was more than plenty for the two of us (I listed the whole recipe below).  I served them with our favorite chicken fingers.  We loved them!  I wished I had made a whole batch so I could have eaten them for dinner too.  I can't wait to make these again! 

Grits Fries

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