Have You Had Nightmares From A Trophy?

Late at night, long after the unsuspecting cupcake baker had crawled into bed, her baking trophy jumped off of its stand and made its way to the bedroom. Sure, it was short, and his chef knife had not been sharpened, but he was mad. “Tomatoes and pinto beans are not cupcake ingredients!” he screamed out as he approached the baker.

The trophy winner thought she heard something, but assumed it was just the cupcake photographer gently breathing beside her.

She noticed nothing until the plastic knife was at her throat. She called out for mercy and the trophy responded with, “Only if you present me to someone with a better tomato recipe!” She then realized the problem – he hadn’t tasted the cupcakes.

“Once you try them, you’ll understand why they won,” she assured him.

“I hope,” she thought to herself.

She let him know that the baked bean and tomato cupcake post would be up on Cupcake Project soon. Should he try them and not like them, she would be happy to give the title to someone else.

The trophy, however, stood firm. This time, he pointed his two pronged fork (what is that supposed to be?) at her eyes.

Then, our cupcake baker pulled out her secret weapon: “Did you happen to know that you have a typo on yourself?”

beansandtomatoes2It was true. She had won the prize at “Tomato Fest” and the trophy read “Tomato Feast”. The trophy turned tomato red with shame. He decided that he’d best keep his mouth shut except to try the baked bean and tomato cupcakes as soon as the recipe was posted.

The cupcake baker and the cupcake photographer went on with no need to fear the trophy sneaking into their bed at night. The baker held the trophy high and rejoiced.


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