Hungarian cherry paprika

This year was the first time that I have planted paprika plants in my own garden and it was worthwhile:)

“It is not fully clear how the paprika arrived in Hungary, but there is no doubt that the fruits were brought by the Turks in the century, who might have encountered them before in Portuguese settlements in Central Asia. Anyway, paprika became quickly naturalized and have since proved an important flavor in Hungarian cuisine. Still, some of the best paprika cultivators in Europe are found in Hungary. An example is the cherry paprika (“cherry pepper”, cseresznyepaprika), which has medium pungency (well, enough for most Europeans) but an excellent flavor. This is one of the few non-American paprika cultivators that can rival with Mesoamerican, particularly Mexican, varieties. Cherry paprika can be dried and ground to a rather piquant paprika powder, but in Hungary it is also eaten fresh and served as a kind of table condiment.”


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