Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup Results

ice cream cupcakes 2008 2Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the ice cream cupcake roundup. For anyone considering making an ice cream cupcake, here are 17 unique ice cream cupcake ideas. Go visit all of these great blogs to read more about their ice cream cupcake creations! Also, be sure to visit my fabulous ice cream loving co-hosts Bethany and Tina over at Scoopalicious!

Click through to see all the ice cream cupcake roundup entries.

Note: Jonathan (who is not only this blog’s photographer, but also its artistic director) was not around when I captioned the photos. You’ll notice the ice cream cupcake captions are all different sizes and are highlighted in blue which does not match the colors of my logo. For shame. He is not pleased with this, but I’m guessing you guys just want to see the cupcakes and don’t care all that much about my design imperfections. You’ve seen my non-perfect cupcakes and have been OK with it. I hope I’m right.

1. Of Monkeys and Cupcakes: Caramel Apple Pie a La Mode

These ice cream cupcakes were Kate’s (Of Monkeys and Cupcakes) first entry into a blog event. Go stop by her blog and show her some love. You’d never know she was an event virgin. I love how she turned a favorite pie into a drool-worthy ice cream cupcake.

2. Confessions of a City Eater: Chocolate Strawberry Bliss Cupcakes

confessionsThis is a perfect summer cupcake. Fresh strawberries, ice cream, and cupcake – what more could you want? I love how it’s overlooking the city. It’s thinking, “Aww yeah, you all want me!”

3. Flour Arrangements: Dairy Free Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcakes

flourSophie (Flour Arangements) made this entirely dairy-free ice cream cupcake! I’m so impressed! I’m sure all the dairy-free folks out there will be very thankful for this entry. There is no reason they should be left out of the ice cream cupcake fun.

4. Couture Cupcakes: Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

minkoThe last cupcake was dairy-free and this one is gluten-free. Yes, we’ve got all of our bases covered in this roundup! Let’s also notice that Minko (Couture Cupcakes) used two different ice creams, both of which she made from scratch!! The other neat thing is that she served her ice cream cupcakes in a cup. If you read her blog entry, you’ll see that she packaged each cup up with a little plastic spoon for easy eating. Very creative!

5. Little Ivy Cakes: Miss Scarlett

Ivy made her ice cream cupcakes sandwich style. This has to be one of the best looking ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever seen. She even made her own crème brûlée to make into crème brûlée ice cream. Wow! She also mastered the meringue frosting during this whole process. She’s my new go-to meringue expert!

6. Coconut and Lime: Root Beer Float Cupcakes

rachelSo many of the roundup entries were extremely complex. Rachel’s (Coconut and Lime) root beer float cupcakes look like something you could quickly whip up to become an instant household hero.

7. Jesse Morris: S’mores Ice Cream Cupcakes

You’ll notice a distinct lack of my caption bubbles on Jesse’s photo. It turns out that one of Jesse’s readers, Masui, already captioned his photo for him and it was too good not to share. His cupcakes are Christopher Kimball’s almost fallen chocolate cake with cinnamon graham cracker crunch ice cream, and marshmallow meringue frosting. In the post, he talks about how he bought his ice cream maker partially because he loved that flavor and it’s hard to find. Sounds unbelievable to me!

Update: This cupcake won a prize for best frosting at Cupcake Camp! Jesse suspects that they counted the ice cream as the frosting!

8. Cooking in Cleveland: Strawberry-Rhubarb Ice Cream Cupcakes

cleavlandOhio Mom (Cooking in Cleveland) made her ice cream without an ice cream maker! Don’t let not having an ice cream maker stop you from trying your hand at making your own ice cream for ice cream cupcakes! I love the chocolate shavings and the coordinated red wrappers and red strawberries!

9. Simple Food: Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Cupcakes

simplefoodI love the title of Kamaile’s (Simple Food) post: “Ice Cream + Cupcakes = Yum-O!” I have to agree! This cupcake looks like cherry vanilla nirvana.

10. Red Kitchenaid : Strawberries and Chocolate

Elizabeth (Red Kitchenaid) made her cupcakes in a star shaped pan. She clearly realized that they would be the star of whatever party she brought them to! Don’t you just want to lick the dripping hot fudge?

11. My Own Sweet Thyme: Chocolate Fire Ice Cream Cupcakes

1 thyme

Lisa (My Own Sweet Thyme) got inspiration for this cupcake from her childhood. “For my cupcake recipe I turned to my vintage ‘Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls.’ It no longer has a cover or pages 1 through 8 but the rest is still spiral bound and sitting on my cookbook shelf. I remember its recipes so fondly from my childhood that I can still see its illustrations in my mind when I think of easy and fun recipes.” I love that she was able to take something she loved as a kid and spice it up to make this amazing treat for all ages.

12. Küchenatein: Oreo Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

kuchIce cream cupcakes in an ice cream cone – how perfect is that? I love edible wrappers. What a great idea! If you check out Küchenatein, there is a picture of the cupcakes minus the cone that is also worth seeing.

13. Tempered Woman: Chocolate Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream Cupcakes


Tempered Woman did a series of ice cream posts leading up to this unbelievable ice cream creation. With each one, I questioned whether she was going to use any of that homemade ice cream in an ice cream cupcake. At the last minute, she did. It was worth the wait!

14. Big Black Dogs: Burnt Sugar Lilac Cupcakes

I have never eaten anything with lilac. The concept of a lilac ice cream sounds so luxurious and the blossoms on top make for a great presentation.

15. Lick the Spatula: Kahlua Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream Cupcakes

Mara (Lick the Spatula) baked these cupcakes in an oven-safe espresso cup from Crate and Barrel. I’ve never even heard of an oven-safe espresso cup. She said that they tasted like an ice cream sundae. Mmmmm.

16. Beantown Baker: Cookie Dough Chocolate Ice Cream Cupcakes

beanJen (Beantown Baker) admits on her blog that she suffered through lactose intolerance just to be able to eat these cupcakes. She combined her love of chocolate cupcakes with her husband’s love of cookie dough ice cream and came up with the perfect dessert for them both. Also of note is that she was the only one to create a mush layer – a layer of mixed ice cream and cupcake.

17. I Heart Cuppycakes: Choco-Caramel Fudge Ice Cream Cupcakes

heart It’s fun how Clara’s (I Heart Cuppycakes) cupcakes spread out to fill the whole waffle bowl. It looks like you could make each bite contain the cake and bowl and all of the fixins. Like Jen, she hearts cupcakes and her husband hearts ice cream so this was an ideal treat for them both!

The End for now!

I’m sure all of these cupcakes will inspire even more creations. If you make some more, leave a link to your ice cream cupcakes in the comments so we can all see them!


Late But With a Good Excuse: I got the following email from Just Jenn after this post was written:

Hi,I know I TOTALLY missed your deadline, but I was having major computer issues (where I couldn’t even run my business!) so I…missed it. Phooey. But I still
wanted to send you the link to show you that I did in fact, make ice cream
cupcakes for your challenge.

I totally hate computer problems. I felt her pain. Jenn made Chocolate & Green Tea ice cream cupcakes which are definitely worth checking out, late or not. While you’re at it, check out her cute stationary (lots of it is cupcake themed).

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