Kisüsti (palinka) Festival, Gyula


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Kisüsti, originally uploaded by Norci.

This festival and exhibition takes place annually in mid April in Gyula. The National Pálinka Competition is part of that festival of spirits that features some spectacular entertainment.

Each year Hungarian wine orders hold their procession, greeting their stronger associate the Order of Pálinka who accepts new members at a festive ceremony in Gyula. Years ago a tradition was born of jointly clinking glasses: at the blast of a cannon in Gyula castle several thousand guests have their first slug of privately distilled pálinka, the distinctive spirit made of fruits.



A side event of the pálinka festival is the Feast of Slaughterers aimed at keeping alive the customs of pig killing. Another primordial event is the pálinka competition, the participants of which arrive from all over the Carpathian Basin – those spirits being part of the national identity of all nations that dwell in the region. They all submit their home-distilled spirits to be judged by a panel of experts in two categories: spirits submitted by distillers and by their clients (the fruit growers). Traditionally the best spirit from outside Hungary is honoured with a special award.

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Castle of Gyula, originally uploaded by szilard.lipcsei.

Date of beginning: 2008. 04. 18.

Date of ending: 2008. 04. 20.

Address of location: Gyula, Várkert

Source: Hungary starts here

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