Lake Champlain Chocolates: How Many Raisins Are in a Bag?

lakechamplain1Lake Champlain chocolate covered raisins were a big hit with everyone at my Lake Champlain Chocolates tasting party (more on the party later). The interesting thing about them was that the chocolate did not surround one raisin as you might guess. Rather, there were multiple raisin bits in each chocolate piece.

I wanted to make sure that I had enough chocolate covered raisins left to top 24 cupcakes, so I needed to answer an important question: How many chocolate covered raisins were in each bag? Groom 2.0 took on the job of finding out. What’s your guess? The answer is at the bottom of the post. Let me know if you guessed right!

How Did I End Up Having a Lake Champlain Chocolates Tasting Party?

Leann of Lake Champlain Chocolates asked if I would be interested in trying some chocolate. “Umm..yes!” Often, when I’m sent chocolate, there is not very much of it and I’m torn between using it in cupcake form or eating it straight up (I know, it’s a rough life, but someone’s got to live it). With Lake Champlain, there was enough chocolate for an eight person tasting party, snacking for weeks later, and cupcakes. I could not believe how much they sent!

As it turns out, Leann is a fan of Cupcake Project. Check out this über sweet email that she sent me:

Hi Stef,

I’m so glad they arrived safely. Whatever you end up doing with them, enjoy! And if they only make it as far as the belly, I’m ok with that too! I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the great work.

A Cupcake Project fan,


The Lake Champlain chocolates did make it to the belly, but they are also making it to the blog. As I mentioned above, the raisins are the ones that are being featured on a cupcake, but here are the other chocolates that Leann sent:

lakechamplain7 How Many Raisins Are in a Bag of Chocolate Covered Raisins?

Here’s a big hint:


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