“Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education”
~Mark Twain
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 Have you ever had galumkis?  You know, stuffed cabbage rolls.  My Aunt Catherine used to make them.  I remember being at her house for some event right when the baking dish came out of the oven.  They were so good, I decided right then to learn how to make them and that was many years ago.  They are a bit of a project though, and not for the faint of heart.  This dish, on the other hand, could not be easier and is really delicious.  We LOVE it!  In fact, I just said to The Mister that I actually like this dish BETTER than traditional galumpkis, and he agreed.

The recipe was adapted from one given to me by a co-worker at my first full-time job in 1987.  I didn’t work with her long, and have long since forgotten her name, but the recipe has been a family favorite ever since.  Well, let me qualify that…The Mister and I have always loved it.  My kids won’t touch cabbage in any form.

I serve it with rice, because galumkis usually have a beef and rice filling, and it goes perfectly.  The recipe I’m giving you is meant to be made in a 13×9 inch pan and would serve 6-8.  Since I only had three people home for dinner, I cut the recipe in half for this post, therefore in the pictures you will see it in a 9×9 inch baking dish.

Lazy Galumpkis

1/2 a medium head cabbage, sliced up thin
1 carrot, grated
1 pound ground beef
1 onion, chopped fine
1 teaspoon garlic powder
salt and pepper
1 28 ounce can crushed tomatoes
1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease a 13×9 inch baking dish.  Spread half of the shredded cabbage in it.

1 IMG 1857
Remember, I cut the recipe in half for these pictures.

Brown ground beef in a skillet on medium-high with the onion andseasonings.  Sprinkle grated carrot on top of cabbage, then pour ground beef mixture over.

1 IMG 1859

Top with remaining cabbage.

IMG 1860

Then pour crushed tomatoes over.

2 IMG 1861

And top with mixed grated cheeses.

1 IMG 1862

Tent dish with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.  Remove foil and continue to bake for 20 more minutes.

1 IMG 1863

Serve with rice.  

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