Maple Bacon Lollypops and Absinthe Lollypops from Lollyphile


Maple bacon lollypops from Lollyphile are the first excuse I’ve had to give some tongue on this blog. We’ve had our share of foreplay. The post that comes to the top of my mind is one of me in an absinthe fairy costume. Is it coincidental that the other Lollyphile lollypop flavor is absinthe? I think not.

lollyphile1After I asked Jason of Lollyphile really nicely and told him about the absinthe cupcakes (I didn’t mention the costume), he was kind enough to send me samples of his two lollypop flavors. I was VERY excited about them!

lollyphile2You should know though, that my tongue didn’t come out right away. The lollypops and I started off with some simple caressing and there was lots of eye contact (it may have been only one-sided, but in this case, I’m OK with that).

lollyphile4The maple bacon lollypops were heavenly. I love anything maple and I’m also a huge fan of the sweet and salty combination. The little bacon bits in the pop were, shall I say, orgasmic.

The absinthe pop was a bit too licoricey for my tastes, but fans of absinthe certainly enjoyed these lollypops.

What’s a Girl to Do With Maple Bacon Lollypops that She Hasn’t Licked Yet?

I had to resist the temptation to jump all of the lollypops at once.

I had some raisins and I now had maple and bacon. Things were beginning to sound like breakfast.

Coming up next: Oatmeal raisin cupcakes with maple glaze, topped with chocolate covered raisins and maple bacon lollypops.

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