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Pasta made from leftover odds and ends normally wouldn’t rate a post, but I have to tell you this: maple syrup is awesome. You probably already knew that. But have you ever put it on pasta? Because I did.

I cooked the ends of three bags of pasta, cut up some garlic and sprouts and sun-dried tomatos (like every time I cook anything, pretty much) Then I chopped up one of the leftover mini-meatloafs. It’s a good thing I didn’t realize how tasty it is cold until after I’d started everything else, or I would have just stood there and eaten it out of the foil.
Anyway, I threw the tomatoes and garlic into the pot I’d emptied the pasta from, and cooked it a little with some olive oil. Put in the meatloaf. Then I opened the fridge, wondering if I had any pesto hidden away. I didn’t. So I took out the maple syrup. I’m not sure what made me do that (it wasn’t Elf, I forgot about that until now). Even as I was pouring it into the pan I was thinking “oh god I’m probably ruining my dinner.” But I did it, added a little more oil so it wouldn’t burn, tossed in the pasta and sprouts. And tentatively licked the spatula. Not much flavor. That was kind of a relief, actually. Hot paprika (obviously). A little cheese. Into a bowl.
And you know what? It’s awesome. Just a little bit sweet and lots more flavor than I expected to get from a pasta dish with no real sauce. It tastes particularly awesome on the meatloaf, because that stuff is magic.

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