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Do you guys do this? Eat delicious meatloaf sandwiches the day after? I hope so. You can do what I did here, and make a real sandwich with bbq sauce and spicy mustard and things, or you can go the other way and pretend your meatloaf is a big meatball and use tomato sauce and provolone. I could eat meatloaf sandwiches all day everyday, but I only can until the meatloaf is gone. I like mine cold, but you could be like Alex and eat yours hot. Whatever.

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Meatloaf sandwiches

a few slices leftover meatloaf
4 slices gf bread
2 T mustard (we love love Bone Suckin mustard)
2 T leftover meatloaf glaze or bbq sauce of your choice
tomato slices
onion slices
other vegetables (like leftover spinach, pictured above)

Toast your bread a little, then spread two slices with mustard and the other two with the bbq sauce. Layer on two of the slices – lettuce and vegetables, maybe some cheese if you have any, then top with meatloaf. Add the last slice and devour.

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