Nutella Krispie Ice Cream

A few weeks ago my Mom was telling me about some tablets that she used in the past to make ice cream.  She told me the name and sent me to look for them.  Well, I kept forgetting (I am easily distracted by shiny objects).  She finally sent me a pack with the recipe booklet. 

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Junket Rennet Tablets – they were popular in the 70s, along with fondue, disco and groovy green, gold and brown decor/clothing. 

I flipped through the recipe booklet and found an ice cream recipe and went to the store to get my milk and cream.  I couldn't just do plain vanilla ice cream, so I mixed in some Nutella Krispie treats!  Oh my! 

My favorite burger joint has tons of fabulous and unique milk shakes.  Krispy Kreme, Nutella Smores and Rice Krispie Treat just to name a few.  I already made some Krispy Kreme ice cream, so I decided to combine the other two into one ice cream.  I made the Nutella Krispies the night before and chopped them into tiny bits to stir into the ice cream after it churned.  It was great!  I thought it had the perfect amount of chocolate and crunch.

Nutella Krispie Ice Cream
Nutella Krispie Ice Cream

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