Perfect Sampler of Milka Chocolate

The Milka Naps Mix Gift Box is a fun, unique gift for those tired of Whitman’s and the usual American brands. Nothing wrong with Whitman’s, but sometimes a change of look and flavor is nice.

As a sampler, it provides only a few of the Milka options. Four flavors are here: noisette, hazelnuts, alpine milk and strawberry. All are delicious, though I don’t like strawberry/chocolate (in any candy) personally, and give those away to eager friends. The Naps box are perfect for coffee tables and as a standalone dish at work.

Milka and its famous purple cow, is owned by Kraft, is an eastern European chocolate originally produced in Switzerland and is available in Germany, Austria, Hungary and other nearby countries.

Distribution is still weak in the United States, but can be found increasingly in larger cities. Usually, then, it is found only in international grocery stores, though it pops up in eclectic grocers from time to time. It has been around 100 years. Whether or not Kraft will change the recipe has yet to be seen. For now, the texture and taste are better than Hershey’s and Nestle. It is a smoother, creamier basic chocolate.

I fully recommend the Milka Naps Mix Gift Box.

Anthony Trendl

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