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Like the last time I made punch, this one was sort of an accident. I was drinking Campari & orange juice (cool-down cocktail of choice once I’ve run out of plain seltzer to mix with the Campari), and couldn’t be bothered to finish or throw out the last inch of watered-down drink before pouring another into the same glass. I’m blaming it on the fact that my kitchen was sweltering at the time, but really I’m just not that classy when I’m at home. Or else I am absentmindedly classy like Holly Golightly. Yes. That must be it.

I recently re-stocked my bar, so it’s no longer just bitters and syrups and liquers, which is a relief, although I still haven’t come across an acceptable bar spoon (or any bar spoons, actually, that weren’t sold as part of a whole set of tools I already own). Anyway, I decided to make a gin drink next, and remembered that I had something kind of special in the fridge. Something special and basically un-nameable.

A while back, in honor of a round of house guests and lingering compulsion to work on the 25 things challenge, I made a couple of granitas. They were delicious. Especially the blackberry-orange one, which I was tempted to hoard all for myself. Luckily, I forgot to take photos and therefore have to make another round in order to post the recipe. Anyway… my guests and I didn’t finish the granitas, but they melted and re-froze enough to be more or less inedible in their state. I attempted, with the addition of some ice and gin and soda water, to make them into slushy drinks. The raspberry-mint one held up nicely, but the blackberry-orange got thin and unappealing. So I stuck the blended mess back in the freezer and forgot about it. Until now.

The first glass was an accident (what with the dregs of the previous drink providing half the flavors), but the second was an intentional recreation of that accident, and even better. This punch is so delicious (particularly because it’s not very sweet, which is my usual complaint with these types of drinks) that it definitely needs a name. Any ideas?

2 oz. gin
1 oz. Campari
1 large scoop blackberry-orange-gin-re-frozen-granita
1 generous splash orange juice
ginger ale

Pour the first few ingredients into a highball glass (yes, I know mine is actually a stemless wine glass, but the capacity is the same) over a couple of ice cubes. Stir with the straw that’s still in the glass from the last drink. Top with ginger ale, and garnish with a sprig of mint just for the sake of the photograph.

Because of the fortified-and-re-frozen granita, I’m not sure this punch will ever happen again after the next two glasses (I could probably just buy some blackberry sorbet, but that wouldn’t be as special). Nevertheless, it is extremely tasty and still deserves a name. All ideas are welcome. Go.

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