I know it is Easter Friday and I should be making something elaborate but my grandchildren are away on their holidays and I decided to use the freedom to do some much needed cleaning and sorting out. If it didn’t move it was cleaned and tidied away. Come dinner time I was weary and I didn’t feel much like cooking but wanted something tasty. I had two chicken legs so my Quick Chick was born and very tasty it was too. perhaps there is a nod to Easter there somewhere.

Two chicken legs
8 cloves of garlic squashed
1 teasp dried oregano
A few sprigs of fresh oregano leaves
Peppadew peppers for a little kick
A lemon
Black Pepper
Olive oil
Dry Vermouth about a wine glass
A little parmesan cheese

Place the garlic in a small roasting tin or dish
Set the chicken legs on top drizzle over some oil and rub into the chicken.
Squeeze the lemon juice over, cut the skin up into three or four pieces and tuck it in beside the chicken
Pour over the vermouth
Tuck in a few of the peppadews
Sprinkle over the dried and fresh oragano
Grind plenty pepper over the top.
Pop in the oven at about 180.C/350.F/gas4 for about 40 mins.
Sprinkle over some grated parmesan and put back in the oven for ten minutes.
Serve with the juices and the now soft squashed garlic poured over.

I served it with roast smushed potatoes which are really Nigella Lawson’s sticky garlic potatoes without the garlic.
Boil new skin on baby potatoes, drain and bash them up a bit.
When they are nearly cooked, heat some oil or fat of your choice in a roasting tin.
When it’s good and hot tip the bashed potatoes in and cook in the oven for about half an hour or until golden and crispy. Turn them over about fifteen minutes into cooking.

I love a meal that is all done in the oven

Happy Easter



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