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I baked pancake yesterday and it was the first time that I used my measuring cup to make a pancake dough. It was not perfect, but I can say my pancakes were successful. I began to realize how rarely I use measuring cup or scale for cooking! My eyes seemed to be the best scales 🙂 So know I understand why it is so difficult to share my recipes, because I’m always having trouble when I write down the ingredients’ quantities 🙂

I chose the rác carp (rácponty in Hungarian) for today’s recommendation. Despite this being a typical Christmas food, but I like it very much and I would love to eat every day 🙂

Rác Ponty

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Cook 1 kilo (or more) potatoes in their jackets in salty water, peel and slice them. Put them into a greased pan add salt and place on the top 800 gr salted carp, larded with bacon. (Be careful with the salt, because the bacon is salty already.) Add finely chopped onion, sprinkle with red paprika powder. Cover with sliced green peppers, tomatoes and onion circles. Add 2 deciliters of sour cream, a little water and oil. Bake in the oven until the fish is tender.

I usually bake rác fish from sliced tuna fillet, and my family loves it too.

rácponty (rác carp)

Anyway rác is a name formerly used in Hungarian to designate South Slavic peoples (Serbs, Bunjevci, Šokci) who lived in the Pannonian plain during Hungarian, Ottoman, and Habsburg administration. Because many of them originated from the medieval Serbian state of Rascia (Raska), they were named after this state. Since the mid-nineteenth century the name was used almost exclusively for the Serbs. A lot of Hungarian towns and villages keep this name, for example Rácalmás, Ráckeresztúr and Ráckeve.


This is view of Ráckeve. I really love this town and its surroundings along River Danube. I’m sure you like it too 🙂 So try my rác fish recipe and if you travel to my country don’t forget to visit this wonderful part of Hungary too!

Reedy, Szigetbecse


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