Sausage and peppers


1/4 cup much more-virgin further virgin olive oil

one pound pretty sweet Italian poultry sausage

two red-colored bell peppers, sliced up

two yellow red onion, sliced

one teaspoon kosher sea salt

one tsp freshly soil black colored pepper

1/two teaspoon dried oregano

one/two cup sliced clean basil results in

4 garlic cloves, reduce

two tablespoons tomato mixture

one cup Marsala vino

1 (15-ounce) can diced tomatoes

one/four tsp red pepper flakes, advised

four to 6 clean Italian sandwich rolls, optional


  1. Heat the crucial oil in a weighty enormous skillet over method warmth. Consist of the sausages and put together right up right up until dark brown on both ends, about seven to 10 mins. Consider away by way of the pan and empty.
  2. Keeping the pan above method heating, include the peppers, onions, sea salt, and pepper and cook until fantastic brownish, about a few minutes. Place the oregano, basil, and garlic herb and prepare 2 more minutes or so.
  3. Place the tomato paste and mix. Include more the Marsala red wine, tomatoes, and chili flakes, if using. Stir to mix, scraping the foot of the pan utilizing a wood manufactured table spoon to release every of the browned bits. Give a simmer.
  4. Decrease the sausages into four to 6 sections each single, about 1-in . cubes. Include a lot more the sausage straight back to the pan and mix to combine. Cook until finally the marinade has thickened, about twenty or so minutes.
  5. Supply in dishes. Or, if turning into a sandwich, divide the rolls by 50 % lengthwise. Hollow out the loaves of bread via the base element of every roll, turning out to be mindful never ever to pierce the crust. Fill the base one / 2 of the roll with sausage mixture. Prime rated and serve sandwiches correct away.

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