Strawberry rhubarb pie

For cake-fanatics in cooler northern temperatures like mine inside New York, rhubarb is certainly the initial refreshing backyard backyard gift thought of the year there is often a fantastic deal of exhilaration when it begins to poke its rather pinkish throat out from the earth.

A direct-up rhubarb pie is truly a fine point, but since strawberries debut their selves quickly following rhubarb — not to mention the level that their sweetness slashes rhubarb’s lip-puckering tartness — it tends to make greatest sense to set the two together. A strawberry rhubarb cake smacks of the commencing of summer season season all around that great melody in the ultimate college bell buzzing.

There’s no viewpoint on this webpage, absolutely practically nothing fancy in any way. I wish for you to have entry to the most powerful, most well balanced technique of a strawberry rhubarb cake. It is a recipe to maintain within your back spending budget, taped on the inside your pantry drawer, or merely seared into your brain.

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Nonetheless I’ve noticed them open-knowledgeable, strawberry rhubarb pies do very best with a bit of little top rated crust: occasionally complete or being a lattice. The filling up is fairly moist, as a result you want flour or cornstarch to help you contain a number of of that fluid, and also a pie crust that could stay intact. I’ve linked to our Simple Skin cream Cheese Cake Crust, but you can also make use of your favorite pie crust dish, offered that it may hold as much as a moist filling (no tender all-butter crusts right here).

Strawberry Rhubarb Cake

Can make 1 9-in . pie


rhubarb, sliced into one/2-” items (about 3 big stalks)

hulled and sliced up new berries

all function flour or one/four mug cornstarch

grated lemon energy

cool unsalted butter, lessen into 1/four-” items

sizeable ovum yolk beaten to merge with one teaspoon consuming water (for glaze)


Pre-heat the your oven to 450°F.

Get prepared the base crust by rolling out one particular of several pastry disks to an 11-inches group. Nestle the crust inside the pan so about an inches hangs above the edges. Push the pastry reduced. Cover loosely with plastic-sort materials area and place from the freezer for around 10 minutes.

Mixture the fruit using the glucose, flour (or cornstarch) and lime liveliness. Even though using tines of a fork, poke the base of the pie crust equally about five instances. Dump the fresh fruits combination into the chilled pastry. Dot using the butter sections.

Moisten the benefit from the base crust obtaining a finger dipped in consuming water. Set on the leading pastry in just one piece and slice in a number of oxygen air vents, or even in a lattice program, toned, and crimp the sides.

Brush the ovum glaze inside of the crust. Exchange the pie into a baking sheet.

Bake inside the oven for quarter-hour, then reduce the heating to 350°F and put together nevertheless one more half an hour lengthier, or till the crust is gold brownish as properly as the filling is bubbling.

Get away from your cooker and funky with a holder before serving.

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