When I got a beta sample of TCHO Chocolatey through Blake Makes, I thought I was done with TCHO until I purchased some on my own. I was shocked to get an email from TCHO apologizing that they had taken so long to get me my next sample. Obviously, I was not upset about it. I was quite excited to find out that I would be getting more!

Then, the sample arrived. It was addressed to the wrong name, but clearly it was for me. There are no other food bloggers on my block (as far as I know). I didn’t worry about the name thing at all. However, apparently TCHO realized it and they were concerned. I got a few calls apologizing and assuring me that I would get future samples sent to the correct name. Future samples? Wow!

Were the Samples Good?

Good is not the right word. I LOVED TCHO Fruity. Fruity in a quality chocolate does not mean added artificial fruit flavor. It means that the fruity taste of the cacao shines. As the bar lingers in your mouth, all kinds of citrusy notes come through. It almost makes your mouth pucker.

They also sent me the latest version of Chocolatey. This is the bar that I previously described as tasting like brownie batter. I wish I had the one I tasted before to do a side-by-side comparison with, but this one didn’t taste like brownie batter. Although that was still the initial taste, as it sat it your mouth different spicy flavors came out. Jonathan thought it tasted tobaccoey.

Try them both and see for yourself. You will not regret it. I can’t wait for the next flavor.

Speaking of Trying Things

Many of you know that I don’t do memes. However, with surprise free chocolate, it’s just that kind of day. I decided that I would respond to some memes.

I’ve been tagged by some amazing bloggers. I’ve kept a running list that includes:

Most recently, I was tagged by The Cupcakery (a fab cupcake blog) for a six random things about me meme. Since I’ve got 7 blogs on the blogs that have tagged me list, I am going to write a list with 7 things, one that relates to each blog on the list.

  1. Tart Reform hasn’t blogged for almost year. My random fact is that I miss her. Hello? Are you out there?
  2. Tempered Woman is pregnant. My random fact is that I have only changed a diaper once in my life and it was with the help of a friend who also had no idea how to change a diaper.
  3. Airy Fairy is the only other food blogger I know who has dressed up in a fairy costume. If you missed it, I was the green fairy for my absinthe cupcakes. Random fact is that that is one of the few times I have let Jonathan do a photoshoot of me.
  4. Little Ivy Cakes is someone that I want to give a big hug to even though I have never met her. Then, I read that that Sweeney Todd is one of her favorite movies and I’m a bit scared. That movie creeped me out. Perhaps after the hug, I’d have to find out why she liked it.
  5. Take the Cannoli is a knitter. Knitting and baking seem to go together and I think knitting is an awesome hobby. I, however, found that knitting was not for me. It requires a certain degree of perfectionism that I just don’t possess.
  6. Sweet Stilettos loves shoes. My random fact here is that I can’t wear flip flops. I hate them! I don’t like the thing that goes between my toes.
  7. The Cupcakery talks about how she has a huge cookbook collection. I actually have a very small collection of cookbooks. I get most of my recipes off of the Web. The only cupcake cookbook that I’ve used more than once is Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Got another one that you think I must own?

I’m going to go ahead and tag 6 food bloggers for this one. These are people who have commented on this blog who I have never mentioned in a post before. I want to give them some link love. If I tag you, feel free to ignore it or just say thanks. I don’t want anybody to feel obligated to do anything.

  1. Sophie from Flour Arrangements
  2. Kamaile from Simple Food
  3. Deborah from Taste and Tell
  4. Jen from A Lovely Baker
  5. Andreea from On Food and Wine
  6. Anonymous from I Have No idea. Anonymous is a regular commenter on this blog who often makes me smile. Thanks!

The other person who tagged me recently was a non-food blogger: Stike. Match. A Fashion Explosion. She gave me the Arte y Pico award: “This award is given based on creativity, design, interesting material, and overall contribution to the blogging community.” I was so honored to be the only food blog on her list! I’ll share the love by listing a few of my favorite non-food blogs.

  1. Mix Mingle Glow
  2. Better Living Through Design
  3. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
  5. ProBlogger
  6. Awesomology

Final Note

I may never respond to a meme again, or I may have turned over a whole new leaf. We shall see. Either way, please don’t take it personally if it takes a long time for me to get back to you.

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