Téliszalámi (Pick winter szalámi)

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Pork and spices, but without paprika, give this mould-matured salami its exceptional and harmonious flavor. Though the salami’s recipe is some 150 years old, it has managed to maintain its popularity even in our times of rapidly changing culinary trends.

The ability to keep fresh for a long time – at least 3 months – has made winter salami the perfect companion of trippers and a popular decoration of elegant cold buffets.

The development of the flavors starts even before the salami is stuffed, since the spices used to make the salami are mixed to a paste and left to mature several days. After the salami has been stuffed it is smoked over the cooled smoke of hardwood and then left to mature for 100 days.

Pick winter salami is covered with a layer of grayish-white noble mould. The matured salami is dense, flexible, and easy to slice. When cut, it displays a shiny surface of uniformly chopped, brownish-red meat mixed with light colored pieces of bacon.

100 grams of salami provides an adult’s daily supply of proteins and fats. The nutritional value of 1 kilogram salami is equal to 5 kilograms of lean beef.


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