Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Thanksgiving cupcakes are scattered throughout Cupcake Project. But, I decided a Thanksgiving cupcake roundup was in order after Jonathan was asked by Lucky You whether I had any Thanksgiving cupcakes on my blog.

Here are the cupcakes that I think would be perfect for Thanksgiving:

pumpkin pie cupcakesPumpkin pie cupcakes

Pumpkin pie cupcakes: The Thanksgiving table always needs some pumpkin pie. Why not make yours in cupcake format?

pumpkin cupcakesPumpkin cupcakes with apple butter frosting

Pumpkin cupcakes with apple butter frosting: Really anything with apple butter frosting would be perfect for Thanksgiving. It is just about my favorite frosting ever!

sweet potato cupcakesSweet potato casserole cupcakes

Sweet potato casserole cupcakes: These are the Thanksgiving cupcakes that I made last year. There is also a sweet potato casserole recipe at the bottom of the post that is amazing if you want your sweet potatoes in non-cupcake form.

Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas from Other Blogs

  • For cupcakes that look super cute, check out the turkey cupcakes from Jaki’s Bento. They are totally adorable!
  • Simply Recipes has a gluten-free pumpkin cupcake that is well worth checking out.
  • For ideas and inspiration (but no recipes) check out Iron Cupcake Milwaukee. There are some tasty looking creative creations there!

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