The 5 Steps to a Perfect Flavor Tripping Party

Miracle Fruit

Ever since I read about the miracle fruit (a.k.a miracle berry) in the New York Times and subsequently wrote about it on Slashfood, I’ve wanted to attend a flavor tripping party.

What is the Miracle Fruit / Miracle Berry?

If you missed the recent hoopla about the miracle fruit (otherwise known as the miracle berry), it’s a berry that makes sour foods taste sweet. You eat one berry and for the next 30 minutes to an hour you experience food in a completely new way. It’s like drugs for your tongue, and it’s fun to try at a party with friends (a flavor tripping party).

In order to properly enjoy miracle fruit, you’ll need to complete the following five steps:

1. Acquire miracle fruit – this was the trickiest part for us.
2. Prepare a spread of items to try with the miracle fruit. Try the items before eating the miracle fruit (so you can really taste the difference).
3. Make sure one of those items is a sour cupcake (OK, that’s not required).
4. Eat the miracle fruit properly – there is a correct way to eat the miracle fruit.
5. Try each item!

Click on each step for more information.

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