Trader Joe’s Does Not Carry Vanilla Bean Paste

Many of you commented on my post on vanilla bean paste about being able to get cheap vanilla bean paste at Trader Joe’s. Since I hadn’t seen it at my local Trader Joe’s, I decided to try to find out what the story was by emailing Trader Joe’s directly. Here is their response:

Hello Stefani,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. The Vanilla Paste was discontinued due to slow sales.

Trader Joe’s approach to the grocery industry has always been quite different from the mega-chains. Because our stores have such limited shelf space, if our customers aren’t buying a product, we take that as a majority vote against it and we will bring in something else in its place.
Again, we appreciate your feedback and it will be shared in the next marketing meeting.

Trader Joe’s
Customer Relations

Maybe if more of you email them and mention that you want vanilla bean paste, they will bring it back. You can contact Trader Joe’s here.

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