This is the best if you have a cast iron pot. If you have no one use a thick hard pot.


1 kg of venison without bones

1/4 kg onions
1 tablespoon ground paprika
10 pieces of whole black pepper
1 clove of garlic
1 chili pepper (optional)
1 dl of dry red wine
1 tablespoon neutral oil (fat of duck/goose/pork in our country)

Cut the meats into cubes (about 3×3 cm).
Heat the oil (or fat).
Put the meats to the pan and roast them in all sides until white, during stir them.
Add some water but not too much (about 2 dl), and cook the meats under the cover for 60 minutes.
Chop the onions and garlic finely and add them in the stew. Add salt and peppers too. Put some water again, and cook it for 60 minutes again (or until the meats almost are cooked).
Pour 1/2 dl of dry red wine in the stew. Cook it for 15 minutes.
Add the ground paprika too but cook the stew only 5 minutes.


You could eat the stew with  boiled potatoes, noodles or pasta.

I live in Zala County. Around here this stew is normally eaten with a specially noodles – dödölle. (dodolle)
Dödölle is made from potatoes puree and flour. The noodles are roasted on fat (or oil).


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