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Finally we have a mint bush in our garden. It is a blast. What is even better is our fresh basil. Ah, gotta love the home-grown stuff 🙂 When you know it’s yours, it just tastes better! So if I have mint then why not make mojitos? I actually would have preferred the original – not virgin – version but virgin was requested so virgin it is. Maybe I will just sneak a bit of vodka into mine 😉 It just tastes better with it….
On a summer day it is a lovely drinking treat. It’s the best if we let it sit in the fridge so the flavors mix in together. And of course, the colder the better. 🙂

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Virgin Mojito
3 liter cold water or club soda
1 cup mint leaves
4-5 teaspoons raw brown sugar
3-4 limes (it depends on how big the limes are)
lots of ice

Put the limes, mint and sugar in a glass and try to blend it together. 

Fill glass with the ice.

Top off with water or club soda.

Stir with a spoon.

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