weddingcupcakes11Here are the promised wedding cupcake photos from Wedding 2.0, along with my commentary – things I liked, things that went wrong, and freak-out moments.

weddingcupcakes6Bride and Groom 2.0 decided to use the same stand as Couple 1.0. However, if you look at the photos from Couple 1.0’s wedding, you’ll see that they had an extra tier at the top for a single cupcake. Couple 2.0 wanted more room at the top to put a small cake and cake topper.

weddingcupcakes7Couple 2.0 wanted to decorate the cupcake stand with silk leaves. This activity somehow ended up happening the morning of the wedding. At first, we tried to rubber cement them on, but as it turns out, silk doesn’t stick to rubber cement. We ended up using puffy double-stick tape.

weddingcupcakes13Another nice touch that Couple 2.0 had was to label each tier of the tower. It was a great idea! As you can see, these are the chocolate bourbon pecan cupcakes. This was the easiest frosting to pipe, so I opted for a classic frosting swirl.

weddingcupcakes17 I toyed with all kinds of decorating ideas for the apple cinnamon cupcakes. I even went to so far as to buy 7 bags of apple chips to put on top, but they just didn’t look right. But, never fear, the apple chips are so good that they will definitely not go to waste! In the end, I decorated the cupcakes with some gold sugar and a little bit of gold leaf.

weddingcupcakes18 I also went back and forth about how to decorate the oatmeal raisin cupcakes. I decided on piping a simple flower (basically I just put on a star tip and squeezed). Then, I scattered some powdered sugar on top along with a little bit of brown sugar and some edible gold glitter.

weddingcupcakes16As I mentioned before, Bride and Groom 2.0 wanted a cake on top of the cupcakes. I did not make the cake, but I loved the way it looked up there! Sure, my cupcakes might have felt a bit second tier, but taste wise, they stole the show!


I absolutely LOVED the cake topper. Couple 2.0 had it custom-made by Etsy seller Sophia’s Workshop to look like them. The best part, though, was what was behind Groom Topper 2.0’s back.


Groom 2.0 is a huge Muppets fan. He had always talked about having a Kermit and Miss Piggy cake topper, but understandably, Bride 2.0 did not want to be represented by a pig. This cake topper was the perfect compromise. It couldn’t have suited them better.


Again, if you refer back to the photos from Wedding 1.0, you’ll see that the cupcakes were on a huge table. Obviously, this display did not hold all 300 cupcakes. The event staff promised to refill the stand as the cupcakes were eaten. This method worked quite well, but it was more than a bit stressful for me.


This woman was just doing her job, and I tried my best not to give her the smack down. However, after taking so much care in transporting the cupcakes (making sure they stayed level the entire time and didn’t slide around into each other), watching her throwing cupcakes up onto the stand and just barely keeping the box from slipping off the table scared me tremendously.


It all worked out, though, and the cupcakes were devoured.


They were even grandmother-approved. While I was a huge fan of the chocolate bourbon pecan, I actually got the most compliments on the apple cinnamon cupcakes. People loved them.


No, that’s not a peace sign. That’s a guy pointing out that he is having two cupcakes. There were enough cupcakes for almost every guest to have two.


Some guests could have even had three cupcakes. I don’t think people realized this. Because of the small size of the cake table, I believe that guests thought that they should limit themselves to one cupcake. We ended up with close to 100 cupcakes left over. The really good news is that the catering hall has an arrangement with the Salvation Army, so all of the extra cupcakes went to charity.

After baking all of these cupcakes, am I sick of cupcakes yet?


Nope. 🙂

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