Last weekend I had spent few days in Eger. I participated (with my colleges and all of my bosses) in a training. To be honest it was a special experience to me 🙂

Eger is a city in northern Hungary, the county seat of Heves, and it’s situated between the BĂĽkk and east of the Mátra Mountains. Eger is best known for its castle, thermal baths, historic buildings (including the northernmost Turkish minaret), and red and white wines.

Kata, ne mozgasd a poharat:)  -2

The Eger wine region lies in the North of Hungary, South-west of the Bükk Mountains at a distance of 120 km from Budapest. According to the provisions of the Wine Law of 1997 the region is divided into two districts: the Eger and the Debrő district. While red wines dominate in the Eger district, the Debrő district excels in the production of white wine, so we can conclude that both types are significant in the region.

FĂłkuszban az egri merlot

First in the list of characteristic grapes mention should be made of KĂ©kfrankos (Blue Franck — this kind is grown in the largest amount/volume/mass on 849 hectares) KĂ©koportĂł (Blue Oporto – Portugieser 293 hectares) and Zweigelt (317). Among white grapes Leányka takes the lead (543 hectares) in front of Rizlingszilváni (Riesling Sylvani – 330 h) Olaszrizling (Welshriesling 177 hectares) and Muscat Ottonel (204 h). Of its wines the duely world-famous Egri BikavĂ©r (Bull’s blood) was the first Hunarian wine to get origin protection. But this is not the one and only excellent red wine of the area, the region can boast with. KĂ©kfrankos, KĂ©koportĂł, Merlot, Medina and Zweigelt all yield excellent quality wines. And of course, we must mention Pinot Noir, which also yields excellent vintages/wines due to the climate largely similar to that in Burgundy. From among white wines DebrĹ‘i Hárslevelű, Egri Leányka and VerpelĂ©ti Olaszrizling have won general acclaim.

The colorful variety of the cellar system in the Eger region is unique in Hungary.

Eger, Kulacs csárda

It is well worth savoring the special atmosphere of the cellars in Szépasszony-völgy (Fair Dame Vale) as well.

Szépasszony völgy

Winemakers’ Festivities:

The Feast of Egri BukavĂ©r (Bull’s Blood) St. Donath’s Day Eger Vintage Days from early September to late October: Vintagers’ procession, Vintage Celebration, Wine Auction The feast of Eger wine guards, the first Sunday of Advent The Blessing of Wine on St. John’s Day 27-28 December: Eger Wine Salon Exhibition

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